Updated COVID advice: as at 10.45 am AEDT, 26 Oct 2021.

There are changes to the operations of Gungahlin, Woden and Hall cemeteries.

The number of people able to attend a funeral is 50 people or one person per four square metres, whichever is lesser (excluding the people necessary to conduct the funeral). This is regardless of whether the funeral is indoors or outdoors.

Services at the Gungahlin Crematorium viewing room are permitted with a capacity of eight people at one time (including funeral staff).

Canberra Memorial Parks’ head office is currently closed to the public. If you need to make any arrangements, please contact the Customer Service Team on 6207 0000 during office hours or email canberramemorialparks@act.gov.au.

For residents of the ACT who have a death in the family, most necessary arrangements with funeral directors, cemeteries and the crematorium can be made over the phone and online. Forms are digitally available and can be accessed via the Canberra Memorial Parks website under the ‘forms and downloads’ tab.

Visitors are encouraged to stay at home and observe restrictions.

Canberra’s Public Cemeteries and Crematorium

Canberra’s public cemeteries and crematorium are administered by the Cemeteries and Crematoria Authority, an independent, self-funded statutory authority, which reports to the ACT Government through the Minister for City Services. The cemeteries are planned and managed to meet community needs.

Gungahlin Cemetery

The Gungahlin Cemetery was opened in 1979 and is extensively landscaped. A large lake and many bird species help create a tranquil and peaceful environment.

Hall Cemetery

Hall Cemetery is a small rural cemetery, mainly for the long time residents of the Hall Region. It is divided into religious denominations.

Woden Cemetery

The Woden Cemetery was opened in 1936. This formally planned cemetery features many stately mature trees and offers lawn and monumental burial sites in different religious and general areas.

Online Grave Search

Canberra Memorial Parks allows for an online search of the name and surname of deceased persons who are buried, interred or memorialised at Canberra Memorial Parks. This data is available through the ACT Government Open Data portal.

Last updated: October 5, 2021

News and Events

  • Michelle Dariol to run ACT’s first publicly-owned crematorium
    JUNE 12 2021 – Megan Doherty for The Canberra Times. This article is an excerpt from a story originally published in the Canberra Times. Read the full article on the Canberra Times Website: canberratimes.com.au/story/7292827/looking-after-the-community-why-michelle-wanted-to-run-the-acts-crematorium/ It looks like a home, but it is actually the ACT’s first publicly-owned crematorium. And the young woman in charge is … Continued
  • Online Grave Search
    Canberra Memorial Park allows for an online search of the name and surname of deceased persons who are buried, interred or memorialised at Canberra Memorial Parks. This data is available through the ACT Government Open Data portal – dataACT. Visit data.act.gov.au/People-and-Society/Canberra-Memorial-Parks/fpmx-xbzt/data The dataset includes the name and surname of deceased persons who are buried, interred … Continued
  • New crematorium at Gungahlin cemetery now operational
    A new publicly run crematorium is now operational at the Gungahlin cemetery. The cremator was sourced from Austeng, an engineering firm that specialises in building crematorium equipment in Australia. The cremator is a bariatric model which is able to accommodate oversize, larger and heavier coffins. It has been constructed in the central precinct of the cemetery … Continued

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Burial Schedule

This information is updated daily. Please note that private funerals are not displayed.

ViselliMichael11.30 amWednesday
27 October 2021
Tobin Brothers FuneralsWodenPortion 2
Catholic Headstone
ExtremeraTrinidad2.00 pmWednesday
27 October 2021
William Cole FuneralsWodenPortion 2
Catholic Headstone
O’MaraOlive12.00 pmThursday
28 October 2021
M H O’Rourke FuneralsGungahlinPortion 8
Plaque Beam
JohnsonJasminka1.00 pmThursday
28 October 2021
William Cole FuneralsGungahlinPortion 17
General Headstone
MurphyMargaret2.45 pmThursday
28 October 2021
Tobin Brothers FuneralsGungahlinPortion 9
Plaque Beam
RadicoskiVlado12.30 pmFriday
29 October 2021
Grantley Perry & Sons FuneralsGungahlinPortion 17
General Headstone
Cargill-WilliamsLexi2.00 pmFriday
29 October 2021
White Lady FuneralsGungahlinPortion 7
Family Estate
MohellEero11.00 amMonday
1 November 2021
William Cole FuneralsWodenPortion 4
Anglican Lawn
KennettDiane10.30 amTuesday
2 November 2021
M H O’Rourke FuneralsGungahlinPortion 8
Plaque Beam
CostelloDaniel11.45 amWednesday
3 November 2021
William Cole FuneralsGungahlinTBA
GrieciMarilena12.30 pmThursday
4 November 2021
Tobin Brothers FuneralsWodenMausoleum