What to do when there has been a death?

Either you or a family member should call a funeral director. The funeral director is the best person to contact as they will make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Is there a time limit on graves?

No, all graves purchased for burials and all reserved graves at Woden & Gungahlin Cemeteries purchased since 1 July 1996 are owned by the family in perpetuity.

Can all cemetery services be purchased prior to need?


Can ashes be placed in cemeteries?

Yes, there are specific areas for Ashes only. For more information, please see the information sheet on ashes interments.

Can ashes be placed in earth graves?

Yes there is a fee charged and there is no limit on the number of ashes that can be interred. For more information, please see the information sheet on ashes interments.

Can a second burial occur in a grave?

Yes, all graves dug since 1994 are deep enough for two adult burials and it may be possible in older graves, families should enquire with Authority staff. Coffins are not disturbed during the reopening of a grave.

Is it possible to have a grave dug deep enough for three burials?

Yes, there is an extra charge and it must be done at the time of the first burial.

Can burials take place on the weekend?

Yes, there will be an extra charge.

Can reservations be sold if no longer required?

Yes. The Authority will buy them back for slightly less than the original purchase price or they can be sold to another person with a transfer fee paid to the Authority.

Can I choose the site I want?

Yes. Please call to make an appointment and our staff will show you what is available.

Can I place flowers on the grave?

Yes, flowers may be placed on grave sites. Glass jars and similar breakable items are not permitted in the cemetery.