• Michelle Dariol to run ACT’s first publicly-owned crematorium
    JUNE 12 2021 – Megan Doherty for The Canberra Times. This article is an excerpt from a story originally published in the Canberra Times. Read the full article on the Canberra Times Website: canberratimes.com.au/story/7292827/looking-after-the-community-why-michelle-wanted-to-run-the-acts-crematorium/ It looks like a home, but it is actually the ACT’s first publicly-owned crematorium. And the young woman in charge is … Continued
  • Online Grave Search
    Canberra Memorial Park allows for an online search of the name and surname of deceased persons who are buried, interred or memorialised at Canberra Memorial Parks. This data is available through the ACT Government Open Data portal – dataACT. Visit data.act.gov.au/People-and-Society/Canberra-Memorial-Parks/fpmx-xbzt/data The dataset includes the name and surname of deceased persons who are buried, interred … Continued
  • New crematorium at Gungahlin cemetery now operational
    A new publicly run crematorium is now operational at the Gungahlin cemetery. The cremator was sourced from Austeng, an engineering firm that specialises in building crematorium equipment in Australia. The cremator is a bariatric model which is able to accommodate oversize, larger and heavier coffins. It has been constructed in the central precinct of the cemetery … Continued
  • Southern Memorial Park
    Consultation is now open on revised plans for the future Southern Memorial Park. The initial master plan for Southern Memorial Park was prepared in 2012. In the 2018-19 ACT Budget, funding was provided to review and update the 2012 master plan given the time that had passed since its completion. The proposed site is along … Continued
  • COVID-19 update: Easing of restrictions from 11.59 am on Friday 19 June 2020
    Funeral and burial services can still be held in the ACT. From 11.59 am on Friday 19 June 2020, indoor and outdoor funerals can have up to 100 people attend, excluding those conducting the service. People in attendance must observe the physical distancing guidelines including having one person per four square metres. Canberra Memorial Parks … Continued