Gungahlin Cemetery was opened in 1979 and is extensively landscaped.  A large lake and many bird species help create a tranquil and peaceful environment.

Separate attractive areas are provided for lawn and monumental burials and for placing ashes.

The office is open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm and is located within the cemetery grounds. The office is closed on weekends and public holidays.

Gunahlin Pond

Rules of Entry

The Authority seeks your cooperation to maintain a safe and peaceful environment for all. We also seek your cooperation in maintaining Canberra Memorial Parks in a neat and tidy manner.

  • Plants may not be planted without prior approval from Cemetery Management
  • If authorised, only one small pot plant – pot maximum 15cm in diameter with a total plant height of 50 cm, may be placed on an allotment
  • Nothing may be attached to a monument, lawn block, beam or plaque unless approved by Cemetery Management
  • Additional objects and containers, particularly those made of glass, metal or crockery are not allowed. Items that do not comply with the regulations, or which are considered hazardous may be removed without notice
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  • No fishing is permitted on Gungahlin Cemetery premises.
  • The construction and maintenance of any monument must be carried out by an approved tradesperson and only after the issue of a permit from Cemetery Management 
  • Prior to commencing work, tradespersons must register their presence and location of work with Cemetery Management.

Burial Options

Plaque Beam (Lawn)

The lawn area is situated in a peaceful serene environment. Graves are identified with a plaque on an exposed aggregate beam. A flower well is provided for flowers or a small hardy plant approved by Cemetery Management. One small additional vase is permitted on the beam.

Monumental Lawn

Specifically designed exposed aggregate beams in a beautiful grassed environment. This area provides for the erection of a small headstone.

Family Estate

This area provides eight allotments around a small tree in an attractive and more individual setting. There is a small garden area for families to plant flowers or small shrubs. Allotments are sold in multiples of two. A plaque or a small headstone may be placed on the exposed aggregate beam.


These are situated in non-grassed areas for the erection of a traditional headstone memorial. Interments may be identified by an individual or a combined headstone.


The Ex-Service area is for those who have served in Australian or Allied services. It is possible for an immediate family member to be interred in the same allotment following the burial of an Ex-Service man or woman. A traditional headstone is used with a bronze plaque attached. A vase is provided in front of the headstone for flowers.


While appearing as traditional monumental allotments, these graves have a reinforced concrete lining. Each vault allows for two caskets. After an interment, that section of the vault is sealed with a concrete slab. There are special requirements for this option. Contact your funeral director or the cemetery office for more information.


Areas are provided in grassland for babies and children under 13 years old. A small memorial and/or a plaque may be placed on an exposed aggregate beam.

Babies Rose Garden

A rose garden has been created to provide a special place for babies born prior to 20 weeks gestation. As there are no legal requirements relating to the death of these babies, it is not necessary for parents to follow any formal procedures. A plaque may be placed on a rock wall that surrounds the garden.

Aboriginal Lawn

Two large rocks are the feature of a lawn area for those of Aboriginal descent. A plaque or a small headstone may be placed on the exposed aggregate beam.


The Cemetery has a beautiful area for the Jewish community, which provides for both lawn and headstone graves. Written approval from the Jewish community is required.


A grassed area is provided for the Muslim community. Families can choose from either a traditional headstone memorial or a plaque on a small block.

Natural Burial Grounds

A Natural Burial option will be available from 1 December 2015. An area has been set aside in Gungahlin Cemetery specifically for natural or green burials.

The natural bush setting inside the Gungahlin Cemetery measures approximately one hectare and is set amongst Eucalyptus Mannifera (Brittle Gum) and Eucalyptus Melliodora (yellow box).

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