The Gungahlin Crematorium is the ACT’s first publicly owned crematorium officially opened at Gungahlin Cemetery on 15 March 2020.  

Known as the Gungahlin Crematorium, the facility is located within the grounds of Gungahlin Cemetery that is located in the Canberra suburb of Mitchell.  It is located across the road from the privately owned and operated Norwood Park Crematorium. 

A dedicated viewing room allows mourners to watch the cremation and participate in religious ceremonies. The viewing room can seat up to 25 people. Cameras in the viewing room and the crematorium room can broadcast and record the process. 

The cremator is a bariatric model which is able to accommodate oversize, larger and heavier coffins. 

There are numerous options to memorialise a loved one post-cremation and we welcome the opportunity to discuss these options with you. 

To find out more about cremations in Canberra and accessing our crematorium for a service please contact us. 

More information about the Gungahlin Crematorium

  • All Canberra residents and interstate community members have the right to choose where you have a loved one cremated in the ACT.  In Canberra you can choose between the Gungahlin Crematorium (ACT Government owned – opened 2020) or Norwood Park Crematorium (Privately owned by Propel Funeral Partners – opened 1964).  Working with a licensed funeral arranger, you will be able to make a choice that best suits your needs and circumstances.
  • A 2018 survey conducted by the ACT government found that 1 in 10 people didn’t have religious or cultural burial and cremation needs met in Canberra with existing services.
  • At the opening of the Crematorium ACT Government Transport and City Services Minister Chris Steel said the facilities would meet many Canberrans’ cultural and religious needs. “We have engaged closely with stakeholders to ensure the design of the crematorium meets not only its operational objectives but also the religious and cultural needs of our Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain communities,” Mr Steel said. 
  • Minister for Multicultural Affairs Tara Cheyne said the new crematorium would allow people to access funeral services they need without travelling interstate. “During trying times, I’m pleased that people will have access to the services they need here at home, rather than having to travel interstate,” Ms Cheyne said. 
  • The Gungahlin crematorium has been approved by the Environmental Protection Authority. It complies with both Australian and European standards. After-burners remove much of the extra gas, while the environmental side-effects depend on the casket. These days, many use low VOC (volatile organic compound)-emitting coffins. 
  • The management of the Gungahlin Crematorium is governed by ACT Legislation: Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2020