Woden Cemetery was opened in 1936. This formally planned cemetery, with many stately mature trees, offers lawn and monumental burial sites in many different religious and general areas. Burial sites are available in all areas.

The cemetery is accessible all year round and the public is welcome to explore and enjoy the grounds. It is within walking distance from the Woden Bus Interchange.

An enclosed mausoleum ~ “Christ the Redeemer” ~ for burial in above-ground crypts was opened in 2002.

Rules of Entry

The Authority seeks your cooperation to maintain a safe and peaceful environment for all. We also seek your cooperation in maintaining Canberra Memorial Parks in a neat and tidy manner.

• Plants may not be planted at a lawn allotment without prior approval from Cemetery Management
• If authorised, only one small pot plant – pot maximum 15cm in diameter with a total plant height of 50 cm, may be placed on a lawn allotment
• Nothing may be attached to a monument, lawn block, beam or plaque unless approved by Cemetery Management
• Additional objects and containers, particularly those made of glass, metal or crockery are not allowed
• Items that do not comply with the regulations, or which are considered hazardous may be removed without notice
• Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
• The erection and maintenance of any monument must be carried out by an approved tradesperson and only after the issue of a permit from Cemetery Management
• Prior to commencing work, tradespersons must register their presence and location of work with Cemetery Management

Burial Options


The lawn area is situated in a peaceful environment. Graves are identified in the grass with a plaque on a raised concrete block or a raised granite block for an additional fee. Newer lawn areas feature a plaque installed flush to the exposed aggregate beam. A flower well with a vase is also provided for fresh flowers.


These are situated in non-grassed areas for the erection of a traditional headstone memorial. Interments may be identified by an individual or a combined headstone.

Larger allotments are available in a scenic tree-lined area known as Oak Boulevard.


The mausoleum contains secure, internal and external burial crypts and an area that can be used as a chapel.

A new extension several years ago added an extra 272 crypts for burials and 92 personalised spaces to accommodate the cremated remains of friends or family members.

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